Case Study

Supply Chain – Data Lake & Microsoft PBI

Establishing A Data lake to feed Business Reporting Dashboard

Customer Challenge

  • A global supply chain organization, generating over US$500 million in annual turnover.
  • Part of the Top 10 Logistics & Supply Chain Providers worldwide active in the B2B as well as B2C services in air, ocean and road transportation, warehousing and associated tasks
  • Operating through a complex enterprise landscape evolved over a 25-year period, multiple systems, multiple data sources int / ext
  • ‘Single source of truth’, was 12 systems with constant alignment and timing issues
  • The selection of DDC to partner with them, reflected a purpose-built process to support their needs, with a clearly defined value chain, along with a risk mitigation strategy.

DDC Solutions

  • Data lake model defined and deployed
  • Applications targeted by data scope and reporting significance,
  • EDI / API connectivity priorities set
  • Apps linked 1 to 1 or clustered where existing connectivity could be leveraged
  • MS PBI deployed, fed directly from Data lake
  • Staff selected for skill training, deployed via video self learning and certification model
  • Supervision of process until completion of integration work, refinement of dashboarding, coding of standard internal and external reports
  • Finalization of tiered reporting, all business levels active

    The Impact

    • 1st time organization could leverage all business information unilaterally
    • Visibility across a whole range of business functions not previously in daily scope
    • Savings in cost to serve, customer service and key business functions delivered
    • Customer dashboarding revolutionized how customers were managed, within a smaller footprint and improved standardization

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