Case Study

Freight Forwarding & Logistics – Customer Quotation Process

Deployment Of Customer Quotation capability

Customer Challenge

  • A well-known European freight forwarding and logistics company
  • Active in the transportation market for air, ocean and road services, as well as warehousing and delivery
  • Customer survey revealed significant number of missed sales opportunities due to ‘quotation being slow and incomplete’
  • Customer focusing on improving conversion rates of business in the post Covid 19 trading environment
  • Highlighted need to provide efficiency in quotation process and improve consistency and transparency
  • Necessary approval process along with history overview for quotation analysis

DDC Solutions

  • Customer web page development with suitable quotation templates

  • Change management process with client base to ensure high adoption rates

  • Video training and help pages to ensure all users can leverage

  • Leverage customer User Profile to autofill key detail

  • Link quotation against existing operations in specified channel

  • Harness customer rate database to drive quotation completion

  • Utilize Python, Flask, Power BI, Spark through development of model

  • Deployed machine learning techniques to gather necessary market intelligence, quotation follow up and success rates

    The Impact

    • Customer feedback shows significant improvement upon previous model
    • Quotation processing time reduced by 83%
    • Consistent completion achieved with no ‘no quotes’ being recorded
    • Client saw their highest conversion rate, 5% above their previous best
    • Overall revenue improvement by 21% from won business, a margin gain of 216bps.
    • Billing and administration efforts were simplified considerably due to automated Quotation conversion