Case Studies

Enhancing Data Analytics Efficiency and Scalability supported by Databricks

Profile: Leading E-Commerce Company

Objective: Over come Data Analytics challenge and achieve improvements in efficiency 

Challenge: Slow Data Processing , could not accommodate growing demands and collaboration and efficiency was hampered due to lack of unified digital platform


Enhancing Data Analytics

Global Supply Chain Business

Profile: A global supply chain organization, generating over US$500 million in annual turnover

Objective: Establish Data Lake with Dashboard and Reporting

Challenge: Operating through a complex enterprise  landscape evolved over a 25-year period, multiple systems, multiple data sources


Enhancing Data Analytics

Freight Forwarding & Logistics – Customer Quotation Process

Profile:  European Freight Forwarding and Logistics company

Objective:  Optimize Quotation Process

Challenge: Missed Opportunities on sales due to quotation being slow and incomplete

E-Commerce B2C Infrastructure

Profile:  New B2C Organization which produces and supplies hydration bottles to athletics and fitness market.

Objective:   Have visibility of orders and product supply, information about transit and monitor warehouse activity

Challenge:  E-Store active but with no ERP or supplier integrations , No product consumption intelligence or links to store activity

Manufacturer & Tech Company

Profile : Global Manufacturing and technology company

Objective : Reduce overall logistics cost through mode selection and optimization

Challenge : Access Strategic supply chain options thorugh data 4PL intellegence